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Card Dealer Pro

Card Dealer Pro is a suite of tools made specifically for card dealers that are guaranteed to save you time and make you more money.

About Card Dealer Pro

Imagine a system that allows you to scan, auto-document, and list over 25,000 cards per day and the impact this would have on your business.

Card Dealer Pro can help you achieve this. Don’t believe us? Sign up now for FREE and find out for yourself!

Our software allows you to scan thousands of cards in no time. We then automatically crop the cards, perfectly align them, and add your personal brand/watermark so your cards stand out on marketplaces like eBay. After the cards are scanned, they are automatically documented with all the relevant card information (Year, Set, Card#, Player, Parallel/Subset, Grade…etc) saving you incredible amounts of time preparing your cards for the listing process. Once documentation completes, export your cards to sell on eBay, Amazon, Simple Auction Site, your own website, or virtually anywhere else.

How Does It Work?



Use our desktop software to scan, auto crop, auto align, and watermark the card images.


Auto Document 

Our matching engine then automatically documents all of the card information and generates your listings


List For Sale

Your listings can then be exported to eBay, Amazon, your site…etc.

Card Dealer Pro Features



AI Auto Documentation



Plans And Pricing



Image Hosting


Standard Export

eBay Format Export

Simple Aucition Export

Custom Export

Image Quality

Standard (eBay)

High Res (Zoom in)

Ultra High (Print Catalogue)

Tiff Support



Our software supports a wide variety of scanners including flatbed, auto-feed, and overhead varieties.

Most all flatbed scanners should work with our software, but we recommend the below scanners as they have been tested and verified to work best with our software. If you need a new scanner, take advantage of our partnership with Fujitsu and get your new scanner at a price lower than you will find anywhere else.